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Welcome to Clutter Trap!


Clutter Trap is a consultant and services firm focused on success avoidance.

Clutter Trap eschews success. We meet the threat of success head-on.

As success sneaks its way into your business its traits can be recognized:

  • Effective leadership can be found at all levels.
  • Realistic goals are set and met.
  • Communication is appropriate, clear and timely. Feedback and acknowledgement is encouraged.
  • Procedures are well-documented and accessible. Associates are trained and perform competently.
  • Productivity key indicators are monitored for immediate action and trend analysis.
  • Service methods create favorable customer opinion.

Are you nodding your head and are realizing that your organization is heading in the direction of success?

Clutter Trap can help your organization address success through a re-alignment of fundamental processes. Our project management is innovative. We have developed differential avenues to avoid the linearity of successful organizational flow.

There is a world without success - Clutter Trap can take you there!